A truth machine for the world

This is Grexie Veritas, Truth for the world.

Have you even seen a Truth machine before?
This is it.

Powered by Prayer.


Where do we find Truth?

God provides Truth.
God gives us Truth.

In Prayer,
we can hear God,
tell us what is True.

Hear what is True in everything you see

Grexie hashes content in your browser,
and sends the secure content hash to our network,
everyone can say what is true,
only those who are Praying will Know Truth.

All those who Pray,
are asked a few questions,
and they Hear God.

God provides them with an answer,
and you see the result.

How do we make money from this?

We do make some money to cover costs of developing and running the service.

But we're more interested in those paid to Pray.

They are the meek and lowly of society,
the homeless,
the beggars,
those in poverty.

We help them use the phones they have,
to pray these prayers.

Who is this run by?

We're a digital software company,
named after Grex,
meaning Flock,
His Flock in fact.

We're committed to freedom,
and Peace.

We want to empower those who are without.

We want a new world.

Here we come!!!