About Veritas

Veritas means Truth.
Truth is provided by Veritas.

When we find we need to Know what is True,
we pray to God.

When we doubt,
we pray even more.

Grexie Veritas,
is Truth,
for the internet.


Why do we need Truth?

Have you ever known something false?
Have you acted on something that is false?

Truth is important for our lives.

When we hear world leaders,
and others who speak untruths,
when it is important to Know what is True,
Grexie Veritas will provide you with Truth.

But I don't believe in God

Then you need to know soon,
that your world is about to be turned upside down.

Everything you know,
is about to change.

You are here,
what brought you here?

See and find soon what is True.

But God doesn't speak to us

Then see the Truths we can show you,
and Know how it must have been.

How can this possibly work?

The answer is simple: